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In her tiny, abysmal cubicle in Information Technology’s cold world, Melody Martinez vowed to never again deny herself the pleasure of art. An artist, she thought, should never see gray walls, but only color. Starting with her love of crochet, she began exploring her passion for color, design, and function. Inspired by music, writing, paintings, nature, and her beloved Southwestern Native American culture, she now tells her stories through vibrant threads. Born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado, she left to travel and explore, learn and grow. Eventually, she realized her true passion was all things fiber art. This new direction began to take serious shape while she was living in Central Maryland. She now splits her time between her home in Pueblo and in Maryland. She continues to pursue her bliss. With the love, support, and assistance of her family and friends, she has created a world where she translates her love for texture and color into unique skeins of yarn and fibers for those who share her passion around the world.